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As there were no any of her relationship in the past, people claimed that there could be a possibility of her having an affair with a woman! All of the lesbian rumors slammed down after she tied the knot with Jay David in 2010.

Her Instagram proves that she hangs out with many many women personalities. The couple also welcomed their first child despite facing several fertility problems.

And while things have cooled off for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber in recent months, the 19-year-old model has opened up about how tough it can be to date someone as high-profile as the Canadian heartthrob.

Telling Marie Claire for its May 'Fresh Faces 2016' issue, Hailey explained: 'I don't want attention out of dating somebody.

Baldwin started her media career in 2008 with CNN and HLN.

For many years, Brooke worked for CNN through Atlanta; since 2014 she shifted to New York station.

So I went through some of my suggested matches’ pics to see what played well with Disney fans.

Sites hype to draw in those using it double the amount viewers as second season started with a bang.They are two rising leading lights in the ultra competitive modeling world and on Tuesday Hailey and Ireland Baldwin led the pack at a special event in Los Angeles.The cousins flaunted their flawless figures at the Power Stylists Dinner in revealing ensembles.Hailey, 20, wore a tasseled crop top and matching skirt slit to the thigh while Ireland, 21, donned black hot pants with a very revealing jacket.Ireland, meanwhile, showcased her long legs in the short shorts, She also revealed a lot of cleavage in the jacket that was fastened with just one button right above her navel.

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Texts started coming through, crazy phone's hard to date somebody in this industry.

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