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) but some in Toronto ( I don't expect them to help me) 2- Diversity is not a point for me, either higher population!

The dawn of these online habitats is continuously affecting and changing many aspects of society, and the world of adoption is certainly not spared.

In turn, the internet, and all of its offshoots under the “social media” label (i.e., email, instant messaging, blogging, online chat, podcast, webcast, video streaming, etc.) gave birth to what we call “social networking” — a phenomenon that has dramatically changed the manner by which people communicate and how individuals share the most intimate details of their lives today.

As technology continues to advance with more people and businesses getting hitched onto the social networking bandwagon, the world becomes even smaller in today’s “microwave society” where everything we want and need is right at our fingertips, available with just a few keystrokes on our cell phone, laptop, and now our or tablet.

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Hi Seniors I would deeply grateful if you could advice me on this matter: Im a middle Eastern female working in IT , moving to Canada as a new immigrant by the end of Jan2016, I was hoping to land in Vancouver and start a new life ( new job, new relationship, new friends ..) , since I Have no Canadian experience, it sounds very difficult to find a decent job, so I may have to start with general jobs ( it's not what I want but I don't wanna finish my savings) but since I started to read about new country, I read everyone complaining about high cost of living, low wages and etc!

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