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I am done with this Another contributor, cwchapma, has fixed some bugs and built an installer for 1.3.0 Final. If you have continued problems, start a thread in the forum and PM me and we'll work it through there.I updated the link to point to a version that works in 1.2.x.

In Belgium we have a channel called "één" and they have an HD version of the exact same programming called "één HD". While Snapstream is providing minor fixes for Beyond TV, they are no longer actively updating and developing the software as they are focusing on commercial applications.Despite the lack of a new version, their fanbase (in the forums) remains active and the program is still available.How to get EPG (Electronic Program Guide) data for your TV Guide in Media Portal 2 The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is one of the most important parts of the Media Portal 2 TV system.Having a reliable EPG makes your TV experience more like a commercial set top box (e.g. There are many different ways to populate your EPG (via internet data and data received by your TV tuner). region, Service Provider and the quality of data available.

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