My neighbor is intimidating me

We walked for miles to discover a peaceful area to read and sunbathe.

Most beaches in Michigan are full of noisy children and furious parents.

I’m good at writing exciting action sequences, but you can’t have a book that’s nothing but action sequences. In writing this book, one of the more difficult things to write about is that my main character is a tracker.

Trying to make looking for signs and footprints both easy to understand for laypersons, and also make the subject interesting, proves more challenging than I ever thought it would be.

My job is in client services, so I work on several different client teams, with each team being made up of a different group of people.

On two of my teams I work with a man who joined the company about a month ago.

Planners on the other hand may not need as much editing because ...Stunned silence, dropped jaw (mine too), tears (not mine).There is an in-built mechanism within non-psychopathic males which has them immediately crumple into desperate capitulation the moment a woman starts to cry.But having determined to stay calm, I surprised myself by suddenly feeling angry. should been bullying, manipulating, and caring not a jot how others felt?"What it's about," I snarled, holding her petulant gaze, "is a grown woman acting like a kindergarten bully, throwing her weight around" - (she later tried to claim I'd been discriminatory because she was obese) - "being rude, lying, threatening, making personal comments to other members of staff. "The adult part of me was talking to the (extremely well-maintained) child in her.

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