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Or worse yet, to find out that this person you were falling for hated smokers? Most dating sites don’t put a lot of attention on lifestyle choices such as smoking.And many smokers feel the negativity that society directs towards them so they might even lie about if they smoke or not.

If you feel like that sometimes, then you might enjoy Smokers Personals, a site for fellow smokers who would like to take a break from criticism, and meet up with other smokers online.People who enjoy cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking and won’t give it up will appreciate the smoker dating service of Live Date Search that allows them to find dates who share their smoking habits and preferences and do not make judgments.If this is your situation we welcome you into our free online dating smoker network where you may feel at ease.Online dating can be difficult for smokers, with non-smokers specifically search for non-smokers to date.This is where Smokers Dating Site comes to its own; we have a community where smokers can meet online without the stress of being immediately rejected.

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Have you ever met a potential partner on an online dating site that you were really interested in?

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  1. How they want to be included in conversations that have nothing to do with them. How they want to know where we are every evening and if you don't give a detailed answer they become suspicious. How they all want to have a say in where we live, how many children we have, where we go on holiday etc It's really annoying.