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This control has additional functionality that is not found in the standard Windows text box control, including multiline editing and password character masking.

(The default for this page, if implemented, would be e-mail confirmation.) By default, the Web Forms page automatically validates that malicious users are not attempting to send script to your application even if you do not use validation controls. For information about the difference between these Web project types, see text box can be converted to a date value. The first is the custom validation code that runs when the page is submitted.

The first step is to create a base class that serves as the foundation control.

Next, build a Text Box control that supports restricting the input to a variety of number types, such as floating point numbers, integers, positive integers, and so on.

Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) includes these types of Text Box controls, such as the Edit control, but the MFC numerical Edit control takes the simplistic and less useful interpretation of this requirement to mean that you can enter only the characters 0 through 9 into the textbox.

The MFC controls don't let you enter numbers such as 1.25 or -12 if you need to. NET lacks an equivalent to the MFC numerical Edit control, but it does have rich support for inheritance with regard to Windows Forms Controls.

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To select a range of text in the text box, you can use the Select method.

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