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Intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is no stranger to pain.

Little bit closer still’) that I persuade him to bump up.Although you may think that vinegar would exacerbate symptoms, the cider vinegar component of Honeygar is a source of malic acid, which is found naturally in apples, pears, tomatoes, bananas and cherries.It is known to neutralise uric acid and has an alkaline effect in the bloodstream which, by balancing the p H of the blood, limits the negative effects of acids such as lactic and uric. By her mid-80s Audrey Fiennes was bedridden with arthritis in her back.And it f**ks with your head.’ (After a bit, he concedes that if ‘Voldemort came round again, I would feel possessive... I would like to not let that go.’) His character in A Bigger Splash is a boundary-less music producer chasing Tilda Swinton’s portrayal of a Chrissie Hynde-like rock chick to an Italian island where she is recovering from a throat operation with her new boyfriend. What Fiennes, 53, plans is more directing — he both acted in and directed Coriolanus and The Invisible Woman — which he describes as ‘more than fulfilling, I found it answered some part of me’.Filming was ‘fun’ he says, before confiding that Sir Elton John complimented his performance, ‘and he knows those types of music producers. ‘Another part of my brain opened up, another part of my spirit.

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A gripping 'true' book by the great explorer tells how a sheik sent assassins to kill four SAS soldiers.

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